The timing of when Republicans would like to put politics aside is always interesting.

Quite a chess game isn’t it? If you agree to hold the debate it’s because you’re partisan and aren’t willing to put the country above politics. They found a way to make him lose the debate two days before they could have it. They’ve got lots of little tricks don’t they? So fascinated was I by the latest fuckup-move-that-will-as-it-turns-out-be-brilliant that I watched way too much Cable News. Can someone tell me what the Republican hard-on for the ten townhall meetings is? McCain wanted to have ten townhall meetings instead of/in addition to the regular debates. Obama, ever the radical, stuck with three moderated debates like…everyone ever.

I only watched about twenty minutes of Hannity and…I think there’s a cohost, but he might’ve been a guest. And twice in the twenty minutes Hannity offered up the fact the Obama passed on these ten townhall meetings as evidence in two different arguments. How that answers any question is beyond me. Here it is.  And here’s an instance where McCain used this argument for a whole other different argument. What’s the hard on and how do they think this trumps every argument? And since I clearly don’t speak their language, does it?