Ban Drinking FOREVER! (or at least after 7th inning)

God, calm down with your headline boner Sun-Times. And you wonder why Feder took the early retirement jags. The news is that Daley is thinking about putting a ban on liquor sales in Wrigleyville after the 7th inning of “clinch” games during the Cubs’ playoff run. This is so dumb-ass 22 year old Todd Voorhies’ don’t get so lit and try to turn over a car because the Cubs won a divisional playoff. It makes sense to me. But the Sun-Times headline was “BEER BAN IN WRIGLEYVILLE!” You did the opposite of sell your newspaper Sun-Times. You actually got me to campaign against anyone buying that newspaper. I went out of my way to tell you (the Schad user) to not buy the paper. So your headline backfired. Nice try though.

God, get ready Chicago for Cubs fan douchery.