Facebook 2.Whatever

Last week, I hated the new look of FB. Now I’m starting to like it. It seems to operate more like a professional webpage. Or at least that’s how it hits me. What do I know. It seems like they were wanting to attract more folks from LinkedIn — and to minimize the necessity of seeing everyone’s Werewolf bites on their profile pages. To better blend MySpace and LinkedIn. Much simpler, and once I actually read their reasoning on their blogs, the changes make sense. There’s this big online petition to restore the profile page to the way it used to look. I signed it last week. Now I don’t know why I signed it.  Who cares. After giving it a few days, who cares how Facebook looks. FB is an easy, fast and non-intrusive way to get the word out on shows and to get in touch, especially with many in the improv community who (for whatever reason) never use email. FB wants to change the look, cool. Just don’t look for me on Twitter, though — instead, send me your cell phone number and I’ll text you what I just ate at Quiznos.