Please enjoy the most quotable movie of the year.

Read no further if you’ve heard enough hype about this movie. Okay. “Burn After Reading” is an accomplishment. Not because it’s a sweet blend of Fargo and Raising Arizona and Lebowski, or because every member of the ensemble is pitch perfect, but because it’s immediately memorable and quotable. Like, immediately. I watched this movie and started thinking man, this is like seeing Idiocracy for the first time, I’m gonna need to see it 20 times just to get all of the little jokes. This movie is packed with fun. It’s a rare event when Kate and I see a movie and then can’t stop quoting it all weekend long. Like, nonstop. So great to see the Coen’s get all that Oscar buzz last year and then go back to doing their ridiculous bits. If you don’t like this movie, then you are one of a LEAGUE of morons.