I guess that “Pan’s Labyrinth” isn’t a kid’s movie after all

While I’m on the subject of reviewing movies, I finally caught that Pan’s Labyrinth — Bart, caveat, no sarcasm in this post. I honestly went into this movie thinking it was a kid’s movie. I really need to start paying attention to E-Weekly. I really need to start paying attention in general. When it was up for those Oscars, this is what I would hear: “Pan’s Labyrinth, a story of a girls’ journey into adventure as FUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ” — and that’s all I remember about this movie. Looked kinda magical, like Alice in Wonderland with her buddy Pan and the magical caves. Watching it was one “Hey, what’s this thing rated, anyway?” turn after another. If you’ve seen it, you know that it’s a nice screen version of a girl’s journey into adventure as FUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ but, just so ya know, it’s not for kids.