Obama calls Palin a Fatty!

So I guess what we”re to assume is that one of the smartest and likeable politicians in recent memory just came out and called McCain”s VP a fatty? Is that what they”re saying? He”s that stupid? Really? Just like Gore and Kerry, Obama is so cautious to state the color of the sky for fear that the opinion might Top UK Casinos be grabbed by the media who believe God”s America”s Sky should only be one color, Red, White, And Blue. They really want us to think that he called her a fatty? I forgot that this is how they win. But playing this way is never an option for Democrats. If Obama was shocked and outraged that Us Weekly would cover a famous pregnant teen, he would look stupid. But the Republicans never do, no matter how outraged they get at the sexist, victimizing, outrageous, colloquial phrase that Grandpa uses. They have this superpower to pass off nonsense as strength. I don”t get it. It”s like their making a mountain out of a…wait, I didn”t mean it that way, I DIDN”T MEAN IT THAT WAY!!!