So what was with the greenscreen?

I caught just enough of McCain’s speech to miss the John McCain from 2000 and ask everybody in the room why he’s performing in front of a greenscreen ten times. Nobody knew. All I could think of was how much hay Stephen Colbert made of McCain accepting the nomination previously in front of a green-ish screen, now he was accepting in front of a really really green screen. They were setting up the tee and gingerly placing the baseball on it for the writers of the Colbert Report. Well finally there’s an answer.

Ah, see, it was grass. Grass in front of…a building, some…building. As it turns out this is Walter Reed High School, North Hollywood – home of License To Drive and Malcolm In The Middle. A powerful symbol for Americans facing a choice this November, Corey, or Corey? Could it be possible that nobody checked the power point to make sure they had Walter Reed Medical Center. Kind of like accidentally putting up a picture of a Marine Biologist instead of a Marine, or perhaps Jesus, instead of Jesus.