Random observations while watching the RNC speeches

Hey Republican National Committee — take a note from the DNC, even though you don’t want to come off as “All Hollywood and Fancy,” taking the “We’re real and down to Earth because we have crappy lighting and can’t fill seats” point of view doesn’t hold water and makes your convention look bush league. Hey Cindy McCain, no need to loudly lipsynch major points such as “HOW DARE THEY!” over and over. We got it the first time. Hey Rudy: sorry to say, but the fear ticket doesn’t play to anyone anymore. Like, it’s not even worth mentioning that it’s soooo 2004. Did you notice how nobody was clapping or cheering when you mentioned terrorism and fear? “Indiana Jones: let it go…” And speaking of cheering, the RNC REALLY REALLY needs a cheer coordinator to produce consistent cheers — and more than one intern with the same handwriting to produce seemingly-improvised “Hockey Moms for Sarah!” signs. I highly recommend watching the convention on PBS — it’s a bit too early for CNN to be calling who’s winning the Missouri electoral vote, especially because, sorry to say, polls haven’t actually opened.