“Jesus Joe, get a shovel.”

Awk-ward, and fascinating. Usually moments of spontaneity aren’t on the cue cards or they’re reserved for the fake-spontaneous-people-yelling-each-other-show. Maybe it wasn’t so bad that Olberman needed to speak up, but more entertaining that he did. I’m fascinated by the things they accuse OBama of. But listen to Joe Scarborough puffing up Obama’s missteps, we’ve redefined “mistake” to…whatever-the-fuck. I think we were all blindsided by Karl Rove politics in 2000, I don’t think any of us knew how winner-take-all-and-I-mean-all they could be, but now we know the drill. Accuse your opponent of their strength, and watch them run from their strength. The problem with Gore was that he was VP to eight years of Clinton. – “no I wasn’t! Look I’m running with the emotionally distant guy that hated Clinton”. “Obama is too popular”, now how do you counter that? So Joe says their downfall is that they think they can’t lose. Coincidentally the downfall of every Olympic Medal winner.

You hear that Obama, they think you’re the type of person that thinks he can’t lose. You gonna take that?