Bernie Mac: Chicago’s Funniest Comic Ever?

I thought I wouldn’t have to start this argument for another 20 years, but Bernie passed on this weekend. I say he goes down as the best Chicago comedian of all time. For those that know me well, you know how much I thought of Bernie Mac. There was something about his style and his presence that was electric. The guy knew how to tell jokes. And he did it his way. Now I’m not talking about the Mr. 3000s and the Ashton Kutcher Bernie, I’m talking about the Def Jam and Kings of Comedy Bernie Mac. The pre-Hollywood Bernie. Go Netflix Spike Lee’s “Kings of Comedy”.  Watch how Bernie Mac stands up to the other comics and just destroys the stage. It’s a comedy tutorial. His energy, his delivery and his material is ahead of it’s time. Sure he has the prerequisite black/white jokes, but don’t we all? Schad loved the Macman. We loved him so much that we wrote a part specifically for Bernie Mac in our last screenplay. We were gearing up to send it to his people for him to say no. Now, I guess we’ll rewrite the part for some LA douchebag.  For shame. In the immortal words of Bernie Mac “I’ll kick a kid’s ass”.

Now, is Bernie Mac one of Chicago’s best comics? I will go as far as to say that Bernie Mac was Chicago’s best comic ever.