To the extreme, I rock Mankato like a vandal

Last weekend, Kate and I went to Mankato, Minnesota for my friend Erik’s wedding. In attendance were longtime high school friends Elizabeth Hace, Tony Hanson, Brian Hace, and Andy Wahlstrom. Andy is pictured to the left. Little known fact, Andy has a bizarre autistic-like talent of being able to calculate enormous multiplication problems in his head. He’s also able to memorize any rap song after listening to it twice. Andy has twice appeared as Vanilla Ice — once at an Athenaeum show, another at our wedding.  This photo was taken during Erik’s reception (which featured casino games and, you guessed it, karaoke). Andy absolutely brought down the house with a rendition of “Ice Ice Baby,” complete with side verses from “The Humpty Dance” and “Bust a Move.” No kidding, it was seamless and easily the best thing of the night, though unfortunately wedged in between the locally popular boot-scootin’ recreations.  Imagine going from Line Dance to Andy-as-Vanilla-Ice-with-an-audience-of-3  back to Line Dance.  I really wish I had this on tape, it was one of those rare gems that would have been a YouTube viral sensation! (100 hits, at least…)  If you look closely to the left, you’ll see that the DJ for “First Class Entertainment” is wearing a tuxedo, perfectly matching the positioning of the tuxedo logo in front of him.  The real life banner version of the tuxedo shirt.  Adam, you would have loved this reception, they needed you onsite to do the theme to WKRP.  We capped the night with a trip to Perkin’s on Highway 169, the site of many Mankato late nights.  I’m sure my brother would claim that he thought of the idea for Schad’s Crazy Pants sketch at that Perkins.  I’ll ask.