Finally! French Rolled Jeans Are Coming Back!

 I’ve been waiting for the most flattering fashion statement of 1987 to come back.  Ever since Junior High, I just haven’t figured out how to make my hips look 4X bigger than my calves. Katie Holmes to the rescue!  Katie has been photographed a few different times in the last couple of weeks with this look (also known as “pegged jeans” to those who didn’t grow up in mid- Michigan).  How much you wanna bet this is a grand social experiment on the behalf of some A-List Stylist?  The stylist picked Katie because she’s just young enough not to remember what a bad idea this was… and set your timer to see how long it is before it’s mainstream.  Last night it made the “evening news” on E!  Someone needs to ask Katie if she wants to slow dance to “Lost in Your Eyes”.