Common Sense Alert! Common Sense Alert!

So the Tribune is reporting that Notre Dame QB Jimmy Claussen (20 years old) was at a party partaking in a drinking game. The article really focuses on how the QB is in trouble because this picture implicates him drinking underage. And that this is a problem for the college officials and football coaches. Wait. Let me get this straight. Jimmy is a sophomore in college. He went to a party with friends and played beer pong. He’s 20. His 21st birthday is in September. He wasn’t driving. He didn’t rape anybody. He didn’t even puke (he might have, not in picture though). So he’s mature enough to be the star on your NBC telecast and bring the college millions of dollars but not mature enough to drink Keystone Light at a rowhouse in South Bend? Give me a break Trib. I nominate this for worst news report ever.