As A Chicagoan… You Should Know!

The second Saturday in August is almost here and you know what that means!  The Bud Billiken parade!  I’m not ashamed to admit that until this morning, I didn’t know what/who Bud Billiken was.  I know it’s a parade that happens a few weeks prior to the Chicago Public Schools starting the school year.  I know it’s on the South Side and a celebration of the African American citizens of Chicago.  I know that Mickey & Minnie Mouse and Dick Durbin always butt their way into the parade even though none of them are African American.  But beyond that, no clue.  Did you know that the Bud Billiken Club was an organization for African American youths started in 1923 by the guys who founded the Chicago Defender?  Justin, you probably did.  But I didn’t.  Did you know that “Bud” was the nickname of The Defender’s editor Lucius Harper and that a “Billiken” is a reference to a character in Chinese Mythology that is a protector of children?  Did you know the parade is the 2nd largest annual parade in the United States?  Well now you do.  And I don’t want to hear that Schadenfreude never teaches you anything. You could have wikipediaed it yourself.  But you didn’t.  Lazy ass.