Earthquake! Quick, try to blow yourself.

That was kind of fun, the whole house just boogied back and forth for about ten seconds, like trying to keep on the snowboard on that snowboard video game at Dave & Busters. Remember in grade school when they’d do the earthquake drill for that inevitable earthquake that was going to hit Lewisburg, Oh? I seem to remember running downstairs and putting my head between my legs. Now that I’ve been through an earthquake I’m here to tell the Tri-County North School system that they last about as long as it takes to get to the doorway of the classroom. Wait, maybe blowing yourself was how you warded off a tornado.

Update: Poor L.A. news, nothing got destroyed or caught in fire because of the Earthquake, so they’re stuck with a helicopter shot of a watermain break with three cones around it in Chino. This coming to you LIVE! Look at them…having to driver around it…oh the humanity!