Follow Up Question.

Ok gang. We’ve gotten some insight about what people thought the Best Movie of the Summer of ’08 was. Now it’s time for the flipside. Lots of bad movies came out this summer. Personally, I haven’t seen all of these [Fred – that’s for you] – but if you want to post spoilers about why you voted for any of these, I’m totally down with that.

If I have to pick, I think I’m just gonna vote for “Love Guru” – bad premise. Bad concept – and personally, I’m just getting sick of Mike Meyers and the premise that America loves him. Stick to animated features. That “shrugged shoulders smiley face Alfred E. Newman Who me Face” is just old now. Bitter? No. Just tired of him.

So! Everyone, put on your Ebert stretchpants, pull out your thumbs and start turnin’ ’em down!

What's the Biggest Disappointment Movie This Summer?
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