Yes, I’m still married to Kate

Ugh. So yesterday, I decided to clean-up my Facebook profile, applications and groups. As I’ve said before, all I really care about is that old friends can send me an email, and that my Star Wars guys display reasonably well. FB is getting incredibly slow b/c of all of these applications, but that’s another DOTD entirely. Yesterday, I took off 90% of the info on my personal profile — because all I really want people to know is when my birthday is so I can get infrequent birthday wishes — and guess what happened, you guessed it, a “Mini News Feed” published for about 10 minutes saying “Sandy Marshall is no longer listed as ‘MARRIED’ to Kate James.” Ugh. So do the math and cut to me getting emails, texts and phone calls from people wondering what the hell is up. I’ve felt that way about other people, like “Gosh, too bad that Andy Wahlstrom is no longer listed as ‘DATING’ Kathy Koblinger.”  I learned too late that you have to adjust your privacy settings so that FB doesn’t send out those alerts. After 5 months of FB, if I visit your page, it’s either to write on your wall or to send you a message or grab your email. No offense, but I really don’t care where you got your concentration in Theology or if you’re “looking for friendship and networking.” Plus, if you don’t have the application with the Star Wars guys, you’re seriously missing out. Anyway, thanks for your concern and yes I’m still married to Kate and wouldn’t you know it that during the process of deleting tons of useless personal information online, that very same personal information created a disturbance in The Force. Or something.