So that’s “30 Days”

You guys see Morgan Spurlock’s “30 Days” yet?  It was a short-lived series from FX that had 6 episodes each.  Over the past 2 weeks, we’ve burned through all 12, and each one is absolutely fascinating.  Basic jist is that Morgan Spurlock, the guy from “Super Size Me,” spends 30 days in someone else’s existence.  He spends 30 days living on minimum wage, 30 days in prison, etc.  It’s pretty cool because he always has 3 rules he can’t break.  Like he has to get sent to solitary confinement for 72 hours.  Or he can’t start his minimum wage job with any cash, he starts from scratch as a day laborer.  Sometimes he’s not the guy in role, he’ll get someone way more interesting to spend 30 days doing something, like the homophobic douche who moves to the heart of San Fransisco, or the guy who thinks that Muslims are terrorists who lives with a Muslim family and has to recruit new members for the local Mosque.  Obviously inspired by Michael Moore, but with more objectivity.  The street interviews are a great slice of Americana.  Wait, my favorite was the one where the tech guy who lost his programming job to an Indiana outsourcing company moves to India to work for the overseas call center his company enlisted.  Want to see what Indian call centers are really like and why they pick names like Josh or Fred?  Check it out.