One of the Best Shows You’re Not Watching.

I’m hard up for TV, and these are the doldrum months when you start to take chances. I’ll admit – Adam brought it to my attention first – and I shot him down. I’m the screw-up. Saw a couple episodes of the first season, and couldn’t find the groove. Yet, for some reason, I caught the Season Premiere a couple weeks ago – and WOW. Burn Notice hits on ALL cylinders. As Witt put it – it’s like A-Team, Miami Vice and Bruce Campbell all thrown together in a pot and left to settle.

And Gabrielle Anwar who is just delicious.

I guess it’s the new trend in TV – make your characters like bloggers. They all have snarky comebacks, take nothing seriously, and always looking for a way to pimp a product for a buck. Whether it’s a Nikon camera, a pair of D&G sunglasses, or the beautiful coastline of Miami – you see it, it’s in your face, and noted with a shrug of the shoulders of characters as if to say, “Eh, I don’t care about it. But you should. But if you do, you’re a douche.” Yeah – completely contrary – but read bloggers, and that’s all you get. Like with this post. I hate advertising like that, but I love this show. Sue me. It’s on USA – beyond that, Google it. That’s why I have DVR – let the computer tell me when shows are on.

Also – point of order – Adam, and now I, have told Sandy he needs to watch this show. Now that he has two votes – he will subconsciously not watch this show for another 9 months – and when he does watch the first one, he’s going to say, “Have you guys seen this show?! This is the hottest thing ever!” Mark it.