Watch your fingers, careful, hot plate

Back in high school I was a huge fan of Weird Al. Even had a recorded VHS of all of his videos from some MTV Weird Al marathon. When’s the last time you listened to Amish Paradise or (This Song’s Just) Six Words Long?  I think The White Stuff is one of the funniest parodies I have ever heard and Taco Grande, I had that cassingle at Mankato West and played it all the time. What’s up with the video to Fat? Watch it again. “We ain’t seen you around Burger World lately. So where you been?”  I dare you not to laugh out loud, his acting is so ridiculously over the top.  Read somewhere that Prince won’t give Weird Al permission to parody any of his songs. I saw Prince’s entourage in Midway one time at a nearby baggage claim and it looked like the King’s entourage in Coming to America. Ridiculously huge furs, purple coats with the logo on the backs of the coats and huge felt hats walking around waiting for their rolly bags on carousel four. Weird.