The Oprah Store

 Found myself at the Le Peep on Washington yesterday with my good bud Sarah.  After breakfast we strolled back to her place, but not before we took a walk through the craziness that is… the Oprah Store.  What the F is this?  Further proof that Oprah is becoming an amusement park.  The crazy thing?  There was A TOUR BUS out front and about 75 people in there.  At 11AM on Sunday morning!!!  And it’s not like you stumble across this store while you are shopping the Mag Mile.  This is off the beaten path.  There are no other retail opportunities for miles. And it’s not like a taping of the show just let out and these ladies were looking for a fun momento.  There just buying shit that is close Harpo Studios.  This is truly a tourist destination.  And I don’t know why, but I was surprised that the only merchandise in the store (and it’s a big store) is stuff with an “O” on it.  Thermoses, towels, baby outfits, yoga mats, lamps, notebooks, insulin, car batteries, prosthetic limbs.  I’m going to start giving people shit with MY initials on it.  “Here!  I thought you might enjoy this tote bag with KJ on it because you love me so much!”