Honeydew? More Like Honeybullshit

Miles had his first birthday party and Julie bought a bunch of fruit. After cutting it up and presenting it like we bought a tray from a rich store, I started sampling. I gotta say: Honeydew is a sucky melon. Really. It has no flavor and I think it’s getting a serious free pass in the fruit world. It’s a melon you eat when you have nothing else to eat on the island. Strawberries earned their spot on the fruit tray. Watermelon lives up to its name. Cantaloupe is good people. But Honeydew? Bullshit. I hope you google yourself Honeydew and come across this blog. So maybe you’ll work a little harder on being a fruit that is respectable and not some milky green non-ripe piece of shit. Eat a dick Honeydew.  Oh yeah, and Miles birthday party was great. He’s 1!