Laundry Day is showing tonight!

Tonight, Schad’s short film Laundry Day is playing at the Chicago Short Comedy Film and Video Festival. Come on out! It’s at 7 pm at the Music Box.  It features Todd Voorhies, Stoobie, Henneman, Stephe with a wig, and a gaggle of Schadenfriends including my Dad. Delahoyde directed it nearly a year ago. Wow, so that’s a year.  Geeeee.  Time flies you guys.  Yuuuuup.  Time goes by pretttttttttty fast.  Those of you with kids, watch out. They grow up fast. They surely do. And I think that’s what Laundry Day is all about. It’s about how time really goes by, and that we have to enjoy every moment, you guys. So be good to each other, and look for subtle clues in short films like the subtle clues you’ll find in Laundry Day.  Those clues are really tips on how to live better lives, you guys.  So pay attention.  And those of you with kids, watch out!  They grow up fast, don’t they?  They really really do.