Tonight! Rush on Colbert!

Holy crap! Aside from the fact that you should be watching Colbert every night, tonight is special: Rush will play together on American TV for the first time since 1975. They’re scheduled to play “Tom Sawyer.” What’s UP! Thanks to Stephe for the early warning, and then a mass text from to confirm. I’ll get the full details from Colbert writer and Schadenfriend Peter Marino Grosz. ¬†When Kate and I saw the show a couple of months ago, Colbert had a mock-up of a rock concert green room backstage with a big couch and a Rush poster. Or maybe it was a Rush jean jacket. It takes a lot for Rush to do something like this, and these are guys who dig comedy — they recorded a song “Take Off” as a tribute to SCTV and were given lifetime achievement awards by the Harvard Lampoon and they’re good buddies with the South Park guys. Awesome!