Settle a bet for me

Best show on tv? or Best Show EVER!? This came on after Burn Notice┬álast night, and the concept is “Candid Camera on Acid.” In this same episode they put some kid to work at a wood chipper as they enact a dispute between bosses that ends up sending blood and guts out of the chipper as they pretend to shove a guy into it. Also during a psychic experiment they blow someone’s head up, freaking out some random. Oh, and then, the whole thing is hosted by Tracy Morgan, which is just, odd. Almost like a parody of who might host such a thing.

The only thing is, whenever they reveal to the victim that this has all been a prank, they say: “you’re on Scare Tactics” much like “You’re on Candid Camera.” Except, who’s heard of Scare Tactics? I keep expecting the actor revealing it to have to stop and explain to victim that it’s a show that comes on after Burn Notice.