Steve Jobs, Marketing Guru

The image is from the Apple site, breaking down Apple stores and who’s out of the iPhone in Chicago. This supply control, though annoying, is a great idea. While creating ongoing demand for something beyond A Random Friday, Apple’s been smart enough not to even comment on what was largely described to be a technologically and logistical abysmal opening day for the new iPhone 3G.  You go the site expecting an apology and you just see more cool pix of the iPhone. Can’t believe I’m saying that it’s good that Apple’s not commenting on the fact that iTunes really screwed-up phone activations — and that they’re keeping me from actually spending money to boost their stock. It’s like calling Lucas cool if he was to limit the release of Empire to 10 screens in Chicago with only 2 showings per day.  I wonder if Apple didn’t plan this release specifically between the openings of Hancock and Batman, treating it like their own movie opening with previews at Expos and lines around the corner.  Top marks.  Just wish I could pop into a store and get one in 2 seconds.