This makes me laugh

Allright, so despite having a couple of my favorite actors to watch in it, Mitch Rouse and Dave Pasquesi, I was a little dubious about anything put out by Spike, which is kind of the Wrigleyville Bar of Cable Networks. But this show has made me laugh a lot so far. The way in which this show is funny is hard to market, so Spike falls back on GUY type stuff, which is their forte’. But don’t let that fool you, the show is entertaining because of how good this cast is improvising with each other. The funny is in their delivery and interaction and lots of little moments like Mitch’s head shove in the above clip. No joke is delivered like a joke. If Spike tried to market that, the show would be off in a week. Anyway, check it out, I think you’ll get a kick out of it. It’s great to see some Second City vets making with some good laughs.