Finally a Presidential Candidate who hunts!

I heard this brief row about Wesley Clark saying that he didn’t think “Getting shot down is a qualification to be president.” Which, rude as it may be, is true. And then everybody got in an uproar because he was inpugning the military service record of Whitey McWarHero. Yes, good point. How dare someone belittle the military service of a Presidential Candi… wait, I feel like I once heard the military service of a candidate belittled for about six to eight months and nobody got too pissed except the cast of Second City e.t.c.

You know what would be shittier than spending four years in a Vietnamese Tiger Box? Doing that, and then having whether you did-or-did-not cast in doubt for the rest of your life. Having your service questioned, not just for the length of the election campaign, but to this day on Wikipedia. Kind of shitty, but we all know that. But what this reminded me of was another interesting double-standard.

Anyone know what Salty VonAwesome’s wife does? Yes, she owns an Anheuser-Busch distributorship, worth $100mil. Now, does anyone remember how big a deal it was that Kerry’s wife owned Ketchup, that that was SO emasculating that his wife was rich, and then, in a seemingly endless stream of immature moves, they had to create their own Republican Ketchup. But I don’t hear anything about what John McCain’s wife does, or how it’s wrong for the the country, nor have I heard of what Beer the Democrats have proposed in return…actually given the race of the Democratic Candidate it might not be best to go there.

I don’t even hear any sort of controversy about how he cheated on his previous wife to bang the rich broad, even Kerry didn’t trade-up over a hot night at the Days Inn in Apache Junction, not to mention Barak and his wife with all her scary blackness. Does anyone out there think that infedelity would be an issue for anyone else running, why does the party of fidelity get a pass on that?

But seriously, no bullshit, he hunts, and besides talking about Jesus constantly, what other qualifications are there to be President?