“I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe…”

Well, the time has come.  When new tech comes out, I let the dust settle. Plus, it gives me a good 9-12 months to see if Stephe likes it.  So tomorrow morning I’m hitting the line to get the new iPhone and I’m pretty psyched.  When I heard that you have to take your pin number from your current carrier, I called Sprint to get it (never knew I had one) and the lady went out of her way to thank me for being a customer for 8 years. NOT FOR LONG!!!!! I bet Sprint is getting swamped with calls for pin numbers and requests to get out of their early termination fees. Or maybe they aren’t and nobody will care. We’ll see. It’ll either be like the opening of Batman II (read: bum rush) or X-Files II (read: zzzzzzzzzz).  I still can’t believe that the iPhone lets you touch someone’s name and it just calls them.  That is shit from the future!  What’s up!  Everyone’s like “Yeah, it’s got a glass touch screen and an accelerometer and blah blah blah” but check this out: I can be at O’Hare and touch the poster for “The Island” on my phone and then watch “The Island” on the plane.  COME ON!!!  That’s a beautiful thing.  If I worked in the Apple store, I wouldn’t know much about the tech specs, but I’d be like “Check out this the phone dude, you just tap your buddy’s name and it calls him up.  See that guy Stephe over there?” (Stephe would wave) “That guy’s job is to try and break this phone.  And he couldn’t break it. And he loves it.  Plus you can touch the poster for The Island and then watch The Island on the plane.  So fuckin’ buy it dude.  You know it’s hot.”