Random Observations: Navy Pier

Now I am an expert at this topic. I’ve worked at the Pier for years and I am excited to share with you an insider’s guide to what works, what doesn’t and what the hell they were thinking about building this place. Should be a fun ride, right? Oh wait, not as fun as the virtual reality roller coaster. Although I think that is no longer here. I think they took it out when they realized that virtual reality roller coasters were sooo played out.  More after the jump…

Did you know that Pepsi owns some sort of McPier contract and you can’t get Coke products on the pier? The only place is the fountain drinks at the future McDonalds. Which by the way, let’s us know it is the future by telling us, playing techno music and having one of those lightning balls. Oh, and they are the “non-participating” McDonalds, so everything is over 7 bucks.

Did you know there are 2 SeaDogs? Yep, one you ride on the tourist side until that one kills a swimmer, then they bring in the other one from parking lot side.  And there is one that is called “Seadog Extreme”. Why extreme? Cause it’s red. And probably costs 5 bucks more.

There was an article a couple years back about how all the businesses on the Pier are juiced in.  One time I was walking with a co-worker who used to work for the city and she recognized the guy down in the food court who owned the deli. She said “hey, that guy’s Dad is a judge…”.  He also owns the hot dog stand and maybe even the Greek joint.

You can rent a bike with 4 seats.

A little known fact – Navy Pier has bands play every day around lunchtime. They are some serious performers too. I think Navy Pier is financing half of the local music scene.  Or at least the bands that play “Brown Eyed Girl” and “Boogie Nights”.

There’s a new museum exhibit in the middle of the pier about the war on drugs or something. Dewitt told me. He said it is just old CB radios and police gear. So if you are into CB radios and old pics of fat cops, hit the 65 bus.

Almost all the workers at the ice cream joint love me. Why? Cause I’m real. The tourists? Not real. Justin? Real deal.

Insider info: the Childrens Museum is really not that great a neighbor at Navy Pier. They make the line at Starbucks really long.

Here’s a question that needs answering (from my friend Steve): Does the caricature have some sort of responsibility to draw fat people? Because when they draw skinny people, they give them big arms or legs or heads. But what if they are drawing fat people? What is caricature protocol?