Random Observations: My Morning Commute

Here are a few random observations from my morning commute. Isn’t that the name of a band? My Morning Commute? If it isn’t, dibs. You hear me internet? Dibs. Anyway, funny and trademark observations after the jump..

I go down Monroe to Lower Wacker. I pass the Pepsico building which has a huge sticker on the window for Tiger Woods Gatorade. Um, when I think of sports and sweating, I don’t think of a golfer. I know he’s great, but he’s not great because of his ability to run 600 miles. He’s great for standing and hitting a ball close to a hole. He sweats cuz it’s sunny.

Also, the PepsiCo building is so busy, there is a huge line in the lobby just to get on the elevator.

When I had my rental car, the first preset was Q101, which I haven’t listened to for years, since I was in high school. They play music all morning. I was excited to hear the new songs the kids are listening to.  Instead, I got Beastie Boys, Alice in Chains, Pearl Jam, Green Day and Spin Doctors. Ok, they didn’t play Spin Doctors. But they played everything else from when I was 17-19. What is up, I didn’t know we were teenagers during the golden age of music. Are we going to be grandparents getting “the Best of Screaming Trees” for Xmas?

Quick poll: who is worse – indignant pedestrian, reluctant biker or aggressive cabbie?

I really try to listen to public radio in the morning. I really do. But man, if there was a sound that exemplified boring more than the public radio morning show, please send it to me. I would assume it’s a cow eating grass. Whatever sound that makes.

I love to count how many people dress up for work when stopped at a crosswalk. Today I counted (out of about 25 peeps) 14 formal, 5 work clothes, 3 polos and 1lycra body suit. Maybe they work at Ballys.

Finally, has anyone noticed that Oprah is putting up these billboards (I deduce it’s Oprah) that say “Hey Oprah, Please do a Story on XXXXX”.  Then she does it on her show. There is one on Randolph and there was the infamous puppy mill one in the West Loop. Sneaky, dishonest, fake and self important – yep, that’s why I hate Oprah.  Her show is ok, it’s this shit that always put me off.

That last one really doesn’t have much to do with my commute. But maybe that’s why I am in such a bad mood during it.