Random Observations: Comedy on the Lake

Here are a few random observations from spending 7 straight days at Fullerton and the Lake for our Theater on the Lake run. We were there from Monday – Sunday last week. We thank everyone who worked on the show and of course everyone who came out. We had a great turnout opposite Taste of Chicago, Gay Pride and Cubs/Sox. After the jump, my random observations of a very weird part of Chicago…

The Theater on the Lake building in some serious need of tuckpointing. I know, that seems like too random of an observation, but now I know what tuckpointing can accomplish. There are points on the exterior of the building where a nice swift kick would take down a row of bricks. Hey, settle down hoodlums. This is not an invitation.

Adam called Taste of Chicago “Food Fest” citing that he couldn’t remember what the name was. From now on, I will refer to Taste as “Food Fest”.

We played 4 Square at the space and bbq’d on Saturday night. Sandy is an avid runner and he held court at the game, outlasting everyone. Seriously, people were dry-heaving while SM was king. He just mowed them down. I am taking him to a tournament for cash someday.

Brian at TOTL told us that they have to make sure to lock up everything that isn’t cemented down at night because someone would steal it. We asked who would steal a garbage can or dirty socks. Then it dawned on me… I would. If I were drunk walking along the path late at night and I saw a garbage can untied, I would so take it. It’s my right as a Chicagoan.

Ushers that volunteer over there are pretty old. I feel sorry for them that they saw our show for free, instead of Damn Yankees or something.

Young black teens like to hang around on Cannon Drive. Seriously, almost every night we parked over there and on the walk back (say 10-11ish) there were groups and groups of young, black teens in bikinis/swimwear. Everyone else had gone home, but the young black teens just kind of partied on the street. No judgment – just random observation.

Castaways at North Avenue Beach is pretty far from Theater on the Lake, just in case you thought it wasn’t and walked there for an after show drink. Castaways also has dance parties with the group “2 White Crew” which do 90’s rap karaoke for $10 a head. Just in case you were wondering where you could dance to O.P.P.

The bike path is extremely dangerous…and extremely sexy. So much speed and spandex.