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Now that Battlestar’s over and we’re done with Rent Parties and Theater on the Lake for a bit, I’m catching-up on movies — and “Be Kind Rewind” was the first. ¬† When I saw the trailer for this last year, I wanted to see it not only for a cheap re-staging of Robocop, but also to actually see how the writers would raise the stakes and justify two guys having to reshoot Hollywood movies onto VHS tapes in order to save the store. ¬†This movie is delightful, and it looks like these guys are having an absolute blast. Perfect running order of movies that they shoot, and enough jokes to please fans who have ’em memorized (a la Robocop). This reminds me of doing Metalstorm and RobotJox with Connor and everyone else for the NeoFuturists’ summer movie series a couple of years ago, and Adam making the giant robots out of boxes for the final battle. Awesome movie. Somewhat recommended.