Theater on the Lake Wrap-up!

Well, after a week of working for the City of Chicago’s Park District, Schad’s run at the venerable Theater on the Lake has come to a close. Thanks to everyone for coming to see the show — we saw a ton of familiar faces, had some fantastic houses, and the shows were a ton of fun! Special thanks to entire crew for making this week such a treat — Maude, Ian, Maggie, Jacob, Courtney, Candice, Yasmine backstage (we had a run crew for this show! Sweet!), Brian on sound, Mark & Company for the TV promos, Marta on PR and most of all to Hallie and Krista for bringing us out in the first place. We’ll post pix from Alicia and Jerry really soon, along with clips from Chad & Ryan who taped the show on Saturday night. After the Saturday night show, we had a potluck barbeque with the crew and played 4-Square ’till the wee hours. When’s the last time you played a no-holds-barred game of 4-Square and REALLY got into it? 5th grade, right? Nothing like being able to play 4-Square with a bunch of adults and legally drive on the bike path on Lake Shore, both in the same weekend. Seriously, half of the fun of doing Theater on the Lake is taking a RIGHT at Fullerton & Lake Shore. Stay tuned for some pix and videos — in the meantime, back to more blogs! Oh, and if you’re one of the many people who asked about finding old episodes of our radio show, check ’em out HERE. Enjoy!