Could you Please Fire Someone?

Here is a snippet from a rant Julie heard last night..

“What the hell White Sox. All I ask is that you show up. Show up for the big games. This was a real chance to show me that you were for real and that this isn’t another bullshit attempt at keeping us enthused til August when you TANK like little sorry bitches. Why do you think we like you? We like you because you play against all odds. Because you don’t have a trillion dollar payroll. That when the backs are against the wall you bring your A-game. And instead you let the beer garden-frat brother-condo wall pissing Cubs beat you. And not only beat you, but beat you with that superman-like fervor that is reserved for your most hated enemies. They came to play. Understood the stakes. And you just folded like a fucking folding chair. Ozzie, you got a lot of explaining to do. I had your back. But only because I felt you understood. And from this weekend, we couldn’t be on more separate wavelengths. Hey, who drank my Spritzers?! I bought those for me at Whole Foods. That’s the only purchase I made. The rest of the $100 order was for you and Miles. I want one thing. Please. Ok? Ok? Ok? Damn. I’m going to the bathroom. Don’t bother me for like 35-45 minutes.”