Remember returnable bottles?

Maybe I’m absolutely positively dating myself. Of course, in the current age dating yourself is as simple as “remember when tv wasn’t HD?” “I’m sooooo 18”. But during my weeklong Bill Bixby Hulk Marathon my thoughts turned to returnable bottles. I have very fond memories of plopping down to watch The Hulk as a kid, and nothing went with the Hulk like a returnable bottle of RC Cola. You see, back in the era we call “pre-1985” you used to buy a six pack and pay fifteen cents extra. Then you’d drink your cola shamefully devoid of aluminum flakes and take your bottles back to the store and they’d give you fifteen cents off your next six pack, or if you weren’t buying soda again, you got fifteen cents back to, I don’t know, buy a gallon of gas or put your kid through private school, I forget the inflation rates.

It just never has made sense to me that we’ve gotten more environmental, but gotten rid of the returnable bottle. How is paying people to collect it, sort it, melt it, and reform it into new glass easier?