Carmike Cinemas in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Justin has had a longstanding issue with movie theaters showing ads before the previews. Sometimes he boos the screen during the ads really loud. It’s a great bit, watching people get pissed at wanting to see the Coke ad, and I agree that non-movie-preview-advertisements should not have a home in movie theaters. This last weekend in North Carolina, my bro and I saw both Iron Man and The Happening. Both were at Carmike Cinemas and BOTH times we sat through THIRTY ONE MINUTES of ads and previews — MOST of which were for LG phones. LG PHONES! I’m not talking ads. I’m talking full-on 2-minute previews parodying movie previews advertising LG phones. Different types of previews. Action. Romantic Comedy. Mistaken Identity. COME ON. I like previews. I can sit through an ad or two. But (quite literally) 31 minutes? And nobody got pissed? Autobots, Rrrrrrrollout!