Budacki’s Big Screen Debut!

Has anyone seen I Want Someone To Eat Cheese With with Jeff Garlin? I have a feeling I’m the only one near the Chicago Comedy Scene who doesn’t know all about this movie. It was either shot after I left Chicago or while I wasn’t paying that much attention in Chicago. Maybe you won’t be shocked at how Chicago the movie is, but I was. I just think I’m watching this indie movie I’d heard about and I’m recognizing every location in it and actor after actor after actor, at some point my roommate turns to me and says “How long until we see Dave Pasquesi?” ¬†who appeared a minute later. It’s a slow movie but more than made up for by being a Chicago brag film. I had no idea the Jeff plays a Second City Mainstage actor in the movie. That’s such a common thing IN Chicago, but it’s really weird to see onscreen. It comes off as a weird concept in the movie. And it is real strange seeing the booth where I hassled the clerk about letting me pay for my classes in installements all lit up for a movie, or the bar where we all went for Jim Zulevic’s memorial service. But the weirdest is that there’s a WHOLE scene that takes place in front of Budacki’s. That’s crazy! Budacki’s marks every year I lived in Chicago. The very first time I went to Justin’s apartment, I stopped at Budacki’s. Later I lived just down the street, and now the Schadenfreude Office is within smelling distance.