Forget Bikes, How bout Pedestrians?

I know everyone has their panties in a bunch about bike vs. car right now, but I think the bigger story is man vs. car. My feelings have changed since commuting in the loop for several years. When I hear a story about how a cabbie (fuckin cabs) railed into commuters at an intersection, my mind goes right to the business man who blatantly runs through the crossing guards stop sign and through a yellow light while there are 7 cars deep trying to turn left.  He’s got his i-pod on, busting out Midnight Oil and thinking about how he is going to nail that presentation (or co-worker). They run through and then have a crazy sense of entitlement when almost run down. I’ve done it as a pedestrian. I know the drill. But I never got mad at cars for almost hitting me when I am running through a don’t walk. I was just mad at myself, like when I would lose on the 5th level of Frogger. And don’t get me started on wrong-numbered dialers! What are we going to do about them!