Stan Winston 1964-2008

Wow. The guy who created the Terminator Endoskeleton, the Queen Alien, The Predator, the Jurassic Park T-Rex, Pumpkinhead, and the Iron Man Armor is dead. He was kind of a childhood hero – I’ll butcher a quote from him that I don’t feel like looking up. I think of it whenever, say, someone decides to remake Robocop because we now have digital effects. He was a practical effects maker and was talking about how they only had eight alien suits for a scene where hundreds of aliens were supposed to attack in Aliens. He said to overcome the limitation they inserted shots of the ammo counter to show how much they were shooting and intercut that with the eight suits, each time on a different side of the army along with lots of shots of scared faces looking around frantically. They asked him how that scene changes in the digital age. Stan said: “Back then we had to make the audience “feel” a hundred aliens, now the audience would “see” a hundred aliens.”