Random Observations from NBA Finals

Here are a couple random observations from the NBA Finals last night. First, what is with Bill Walton? The teeth would be enough of a stretch, but the spewing of awkward Father love towards Luke at halftime was really, really weird. Add that to the fact that he is starting to look like the Great America dancing old guy and Bill Walton is officially the weirdest guy in sports… …Hey Van Gundy! Stop railing on the Lakers D. We got it. They suck. And of course Van Gundy hates the Lakers. Van Gundy hates Phil Jackson. Cause Phil handed him his lunch about 85 times and Phil probably porked a daughter of his. That’s what you did back in the 90s… …Garnett only said the F-word 4 times last night. Good job bud, good job…  …And finally, hey Lakers – hit the barber shop cause you know those European dudes with the long hair stttiiiiiinnnnk.  You just know it… …speaking of hairy white guys, do the Celtics have a white dude on the squad? No European bench-warmers?