Loves Kels

So we haven’t really jumped into the R.Kelly trial business on Everyone here knows how much of an R.Kelly fan I am. I seriously think that he is one of the most prolific musicians of our time. You might not understand or listen to his music, but if you are a fan of present day R&B there is no one better. He arranges and produces original tracks and he delivers his music with 100% commitment and passion.  This morning I jumped out of my CRV when I heard that if convicted, radio stations will stop playing R. Kelly songs. Which would be the end of local radio for me.  Boolu plays R.Kelly a lot and I love the mixes. And I don’t really have an opinion on R. Kelly and his trial. I will say either way his music is screwed. Either he gets off and goes all “I’m not guilty” gangsta which is so played out or he goes to jail, finds God and gets all serious Shawshank on our asses. A lot of “trouble in the world, I don’t eat pork” songs.  You can kiss “Ignition Remix” goodbye.