Douche of the Day: An Unnamed Senator

I’ve realized over the last eight years how much of society is held together by nobody being that big a dick.  I thought The American Government and The United Nations could both run no matter what interfered, that it was just structured that well.

But now I realize that they largely run because nobody’s that big a dick. The Republican Congress called something like 130 hearings on the Clinton Administration, all the way down to postage stamp abuse. Now what should’ve been said was: Don’t you guys think you’re being a bit abusive of your power? But no, that would be impolite. Which is more rude, presenting a fake case for the invasion of a sovereign nation to the UN, or someone in the UN saying we’re acting a little weird? That would be rude, I suppose.

So I guess in the Senate there’s a rule that hearings (like those on, say, blowjobs), can’t go longer than two hours, but nobody’s ever enforced it, until this hearing on torture. Kind of a dick move. So how come this guy has to stop asking questions and adjourn because an Unnamed Senator asked him to, yet Karl Rove can skip out on a subpoena before the House? Because Karl Rove is a dick, and it turns out the big flaw in our system was that we didn’t take dicks into account.