What Did You Expect? You Picked A School in Chicago?!

 So, Northwestern’s students are ticked because Mayor Daley was chosen to be their commencement speaker?!  Where have they been for the past 4 years?  Mayor Daley doesn’t just show up for any commencement — you should be honored!  Some students were quoted as saying they are extremely disappointed because they thought it was going to be Tony Blair or the Dalai Lama.  Um hello?  Why go overseas for a political or spiritual leader when you’ve got one in your own back yard?!  The best part is that the school’s President is giving very Mayor Daley-esque sound bites about the whole controversy.  When one kid named Matthew said he wasn’t attending commencement and that the President’s decision made him happy that we was departing NU, President Bienen wrote and email saying,

“Matthew, grow up… You also sound like a very unhappy person. I am sorry for that. Hopefully things will improve for you over the years.”  

Boom!  Sounds like President Bienen looked down at his WWMDD bracelet before he wrote that email.