Hulk Week!


I love these old Marvel Cartoons. I’m sure when you were a kid you had your two main UHF stations, and then that third one you could kiiiiinda get if you turned that rabbit ears a certain way and then stood there, physically touching the rabbit ears for the whole show. Kids today will never realize they power they possess to make television transmission better, as long as they never sit down. So for us in Dayton, there s 22, 45, but if you stood on your head with the antenna up your ass you could get 64, which showed He-Man and Marvel Superheroes. I love the songs they use at the beginning of these episodes, Captain America being the best, the Hulk being the worst, like they had a tight deadline on this one. 

Doc Bruce Banner,
Belted by gamma rays,
Turned into the Hulk.
Ain’t he unglamo-rays!
Wreckin’ the town
With the power of a bull,
Ain’t no monster clown
Who is that lovable?
It’s ever lovin’ Hulk! HULK!! HULK!!

“Ain’t no monster clown?” – A quickly discarded tagline from the Edward Norton movie.