Givin Up the Seat!

Ladies, I need ya on this one. Fellas, put down the burger and join the convo. About 10 years ago, I was scolded by a woman on the train when I offered up my seat. She gave me a lecture for a good 20 minutes about how that was sexist. But 10 years later (flash to today), I saw two businessmen offer up an open seat on the bus to a standing woman 3 bodies over and she happily accepted and bumped and squeezed past to get to the seat. Is it now ok to give up a seat? She wasn’t pregnant and she was maybe late 20’s. I personally think the ladies can stand like the rest of us. I will give it up for age or disabled, but the average aged lady? Have fun holding on to the handles and listening to your Indigo Girls or Celine Dion. Or whatever your gender listens to. Me? I like System of a Down.