Archive: Xmas Story

Coming up at the end of June, we will be doing our solid sketch revue from our days back at the Heartland. It’s our 10 year anniversary and we are bringing out the old school and then promptly burning the old school afterwards. Maybe we should have a ceremonial bonfire on North Ave. Beach after the run? Anyway, Adam has been busy getting old sketches together for the anniversary and here’s one from 1998 called “Xmas Story”. Adam had an old projector in his apartment and we came up with the idea of shooting it against the theater with no film (just a white box) and doing a sketch inside that space as if it were a 1971 family film.  This includes former Schad member John Bolger. This was done back in the Heartland and maybe if we’re lucky, Adam can find the 1999 follow-up “Summer Story” which did not do as well. But had the hilarious joke that Justin died in Vietnam (we went to army surplus and took a picture in a full uniform).  Anyway, here’s Xmas Story: