Wrigleyville on the Weekends

I happened to be there not once, but twice this weekend and and Oh My Lord, I do not recommend it. I hadn’t been there on a Friday or Saturday night in a loooong time and it was unbelievable. It’s like being in bizarro version of a Michigan State game day meets Daytona Beach Spring Break meets puking. There was the quintessential drunk girl who fell flat on her face into traffic and lost her shoe. Then there was her drunk friend who fell on top of her trying to help her up. They both had tube top dresses on, and I’m pretty sure I saw a nipple. I navigated 4 puddles of vomit and one guy I was with saw 3 fist fights on his walk along Clark street between Newport & Addison. Suggestion for Mayor Daley: Put a big invisible fence around the area on the weekends keeping everyone contained. If they try to wander north outside of the Addison to Newport or Seminary to Sheffield parameters, their belly button rings give them a nice little shock.