My Alderman sends me emails!

Wow guys, when’s the last time your Alderman sent you a properly-formatted email that at least attempted an element of design? That’s right! 47th Ward Gene Schulter is now sending regular e-blasts (perhaps influenced by our weekly email updates?!?) about such things as Welles Park festivals, Ribfest and emergency closures for water repair on Montrose next Friday from 10 am to 2 pm. Awesome! I don’t even remember giving my email to anyone at all, it probably came from our condo board or something. I’m not sure I even care how he got my email. I sent both Durbin and Obama personal letters a year ago about post-war treatment of veterans and it took them over 6 months to respond via email. Not even an auto-reply. But Schulter? He’s dropping tips on shopping in Lincoln Square! I guess all politics IS local. The next Presidnet’s second move in office (the first being to fire each and every TSA employee) should be to send weekly e-updates. A fireside chat for 2008. Plus, less carbon.