Douche of the Day: The United States Postal Service…

Hey, US Postal Service: next time, just raise the price three cents and leave us the fuck alone a year later. Do you really think we’ll get less pissed because you “only” raised it two cents, and then “only” raised it one cent? Because why? Because we then get to say “oh that’s not much” two years running? Like we just can’t put it all together? Three cents – sure, we’ll moan, we’ll bitch, but a year later we’ll be over it…unless we’re buying one cent stamps…again. Didn’t they just release the Star Wars stamps a month ago? And now they don’t work? What industry can get away with selling something that doesn’t work a month later? I’m relatively paperless these days, online banking is wi-fi identity theft-erific, but there’s a one thing I still have to mail each month, so now I have to go buy a sheet of 1 cent stamps for one dumb thing.

I remember when my grandparents used to complain about the stamp increase and I used to wonder what the hell they were talking about, so I feel very old saying all this. However, in my defense, there’s never been any currency lower than a penny, so that must’ve been the increase in 1978. You could buy a car with a penny in 1978.

Plus being charged 28% on all my credit cards I got when I was 18 means that, comparatively, NOBODY is trying to screw me.